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When Campione Water Company began delivering bottled water in 1989, we began our search for the perfect product to deliver to our customers. Through our developing years, we distributed two different natural spring waters that were both excellent products in their own respect, however we continued our search for the perfect product.  Then in 1997, Vermont Pure became available for distribution in New York state. One taste and the rest was history! Vermont Pure boasts one of the highest elevations of any spring water in the North East, located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The higher the elevation, the purer the mineral content. Vermont Pure is the culmination of twelve thousand years of hard work pushing it's way through layer upon layer of rock strata, the purest filtering system in the world.  It is shipped bi-weekly to Campione Water Company, and delivered straight to your door. It could not be any fresher! Some of our customers asked for three gallon bottles because the three gals are easier to lift. We have added them to our product line along with five gallon distilled, 5 gals with flouride added, and 5 gal reverse osmosis with minerals added (similar to Aquafina or Daisani). It's all available and ready to be delivered to your door. We also distribute Aqua Valley spring water in 5 gallon, 1 gallon and 16.9 oz bottles at great prices to our customers. Also enjoy the Hidden Springs Vermont Spring Water products, Crystal Rock, Nirvana and Aqua Valley Spring Water in various smaller packages available to you at wholesale prices from Campione Water Company. One easy phone call to Campione Water Company brings it all to your door!  Call us today at 315.866.4050!

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